Tolner’s Theory on Dark Matter and Dark Energy David Tolner shared a link. 1 hr · Dark Matter and Dark Energy With the help of the recent technologies, we have discovered lots of celestial objects, clusters, pulsars, supernovas etc. But if we assume that the universe is made of total 100% celestial matter,… SPACETECHNICAL.COM Like Comment Share Comments David Tolner David Tolner One thought on “Dark Matter and Dark Energy” David J Tolner says: January 20, 2018 at 8:59 pm We now know that our planet, our system and our galaxy are not unique or special or privileged in any way. Superstring theory or M-Theory, tells us that our Universe has not just the 3 dimensions we all go about in day after day in our lives, but that there are a total of 11 dimensions to our Universe, not just “our” three. Why would we even begin to think “OUR” three dimensions, out of a total of 11, are unique, special and privileged!!? Out of a total of 11 dimensions of a base set, there are 24 three dimensional realities that can “share” two of our three and any Matter or Energy in those shared two dimensions would be utterly invisible to us! Let’s say, in a parallel reality, that there is an Ultramassive Black Hole. This black hole has a Major Axis of 9 light months, and a Minor Axis of 3 light months. Now, we take a “slice” of that Black Hole. This slice represents the two dimensions THAT reality shares with OUR reality. It has Height and Width but no Depth. Actually the “depth” of our “slice” is one Planck Length. One Planck length is 1 x 10 to the minus 35th meters. This slice would have countless one-dimensional strings representing all of the packed protons and neutrons in the Black Hole. My friends, that would be a hell of a lot of matter/mass!! BUT, be utterly invisible to us. In addition, there are 108 three dimensional realities that share one of our three dimensions. they too contribute matter/energy to our reality. Altogether, this calculates out to exactly 95.4% of ALL the matter/energy in our Universe. This, of course, is the exact amount of Dark Matter/ Energy measure

January 20, 2018

David Tolner December 31, 2017 at 10:59pm · Tolner’s Theory on the Extinction of the Neanderthals. ‎David Tolner‎ to Budos Budos Gali Dr. Gali, Recent evidence would indicate that there were several waves of ancient Homo Sapiens Sapiens (HSS) ‘out of Africa’. Admixture with Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis (HSN) perhaps 45,000 to 32,000 Years BP. Why would one think that HSS sat around the campfire with HSN (or even Denisovans!) singing Kumbaya and having rendezvous and trysts? I think to understand HSN extinction, one need only look at the behavior of even “modern humans” when one group wants what another has. I believe that it is far more likely that bands of HSS would raid HSN encampments, kill the males, rape the females, and take pre-adolescents and adolescents back as slaves. Is this not EXACTLY the way warriors for even the last 10,000 years have behaved? But to truly understand how HSN became extinct all one need do is think Pizarro, Cortez and hundreds of thousands of white settlers moving across the North American continent. For every Native American killed with a saber or bullet TEN times as many DIED OF DISEASE!…………..OUT OF AFRICA……Even today there are dozens of microbes and parasites endemic to Africa and ONLY Africa. ….The early HSS brought with them their fleas, ticks, lice, mites and 5 times as many microbes on and in their bodies as body cells. The HSN would have had absolutely NO IMMUNITY to these pathogens whatsoever. For every HSN killed by a club or sharp stick twenty times as many died of DISEASE. Diseases brought to them by early Homo Sapiens sapiens immigrants! What do you think??,…………. Like . 1 Budos Budos Gali David Tolner David Tolner Isn’t it ironic the Africans brought the Europeans ancient smallpox, only to have later Europeans take a revised copy of smallpox to the American Indians? History repeating itself once again.

January 20, 2018

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